Career orientation

From Academia to Industry by Lisette Spoelder from People in Science

When you’re close to finishing your PhD or postdoc you will have to make a choice about your next career step. A common question is: to be in academia, or not to be in academia. If you so much choose to transition your career to industry, it can be quite unclear at first what your opportunities are, what strategies to adapt to find vacancies and what skills and competences you’ve developed which can apply to job functions outside your line of work. Especially understanding what your transferable skills are can help you feel more confident in applying for jobs outside your ‘niche’ research and, more importantly, outside your comfort zone.

In this workshop, Lisette from People in Science taught us how to recognize new job opportunities through various vacancy platforms. Additionally, as a recruiter herself, she explained how job recruiters look at your career profile, and how you can optimize your profile to increase your exposure. Moreover, we interactively practiced how to recognize your transferable skills and competences, and employed the STARR method to cinvincingly translate those, either in an interview or motivation letter.

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