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Science Communication: Tips & Tricks for Interdisciplinary Research


As junior researchers, you are often encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and collaborate with others from different disciplinaries. Being capable of connecting and cooperating with others in an interdisciplinary environment therefore becomes an X factor for your academic career development.
Why don't you join our workshop and immerse yourself in the art of interdisciplinary collaboration, learn the importance of listening to and getting acquainted with different perspectives? Yes, you read that right! we at Forum for Young Scientists would love to invite you to our next workshop hosted Geertje Tijsma, Marijke Visser and Tessa Roedema:

Science Communication: Tips & Tricks for Interdisciplinary Research

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In this four-hour interactive workshop, our three inspiring "connectors" will help you explore thought patterns and feelings of yourself and others', as well as develop valuable tools to turn conflicts into constructive collaboration based on mutual understanding and respect.

All you need to prepare is turning up and discovering how self-reflection, interaction reflection and conversation techniques could help you build successful partnership.

Don't miss this amazing opportunity because there will be no participation fee, and there are opportunities to network after the workshop with drinksĀ andĀ snacks!

Practical details:
13:00 - 17:00 (with 30-minute break)

Date: Wednesday, 29th May
04 hours

Location: VU campus (room to be announced via email after registration)

If you would like to join this complimentary workshop, please sign up below.

For any questions, please contact forumyoungscientists@vu.nl or use our contact form.
This workshop is sponsored by VUVereniging.

Price: EUR0.00

Start Time: 13:00
End Time: 17:00

Date: 29/05/2024

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