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Marketing your Research by Lennart Wesel

As researchers, we are deeply invested in our work, yet presenting our findings in an accessible and engaging way to diverse audiences, both online and offline, can be quite challenging. Striking a balance between avoiding overly technical language and not oversimplifying the significance of our research is essential.

During this 4-hour workshop, PhD candidates and Postdocs participated in a series of dynamic exercises that integrated group discussions, writing tasks, and creative thinking activities. They practised delivering self-introductions in a speed-dating format, identified the fundamental values of their research and discussed what platforms are useful for scientists to engage with the public on.

You can find more information about Lennart Wesel on his website:

“Communicating with the general public is probably more important (and more easy) than one thinks!”

Anonymous participant

“I liked that the workshop was tailored to what the participants requested.”

Anonymous participant

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