Emotional well-being at work

Burn-out Prevention by 3310

Reading ten papers a day, planning your academic career and looking for meaning and happiness in your research and not to forget the endless writing… On top, you’re not making the most out of it when you don’t have a relationship, found a grown up apartment without filthy flatmates and party as much as you can while you’re at it. As millennial, life is often just thrown upon you with numerous, paralyzing choices. And before you know it, you get burnt out. But when do you know when you have it? In this workshop we learned how to prevent a burn-out and how to stay energized throughout our careers.

“They made a bit too much of a show, but good to discuss these topics with peers”

Anonymous participant

“Such an important topic! They helped us understanding problematic patterns. However, would have liked more information on turning those patterns around”

Anonymous participant