Emotional well-being at work

Work-life Balance by Ellis Vyth from bHertz

Many PhD-students and postdocs experience difficulties in maintaining a balance between all the different projects and tasks they have. This is not to mention the difficult balance between work and private life. It is all about making the right decisions, but these are often not very clear and are always very personal. In this workshop Ellis worked with us on deciding on the tasks to definitely pursue and those that could be discarded. We practiced different ways of convincing our colleagues and supervisors and learned to say no in an effective and friendly way.

Work-life balance by Ellis Vyth from bHertz
Work-life balance by Ellis Vyth from bHertz

“I liked that the speaker had a background in academia!”

Anonymous participant 1

“I liked that the there was room for everyone to speak”

Anonymous participant 2

“Very nice workshop and very useful”

Anonymous participant 3

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