Career orientation

Meaningful networking by Astrid ter Wiel from BHertz

As researchers, we know that networking is important to boost our academic careers. However, sometimes we don’t really know what networking entails. It becomes even harder when we feel uncomfortable discussing our research with others, especially those who are not within our field.

During the workshop, we started by realizing that we all had different ideas about what networking was. We then worked in pairs and become aware of the relevance of our online presence. We also talked about practical strategies for networking that we can use in academic settings, like conferences. Finally, an important portion of the workshop was used to work in groups by presenting a 1-minute elevator pitch.

After the workshop, the PhDs and Postdocs who attended felt like they gained practical insights to share their expertise and skills with others.

You can find more information about dr. Astrid ter Wiel at BHertz’s website

“Very practical and engaging without pressure”

Anonymous participant

“Discussing how to solve the problems that you bump into now while networking”

Anonymous participant

“It is interactive and informal”

Anonymous participant

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